Joe has been a successful working actor for decades in Hollywood, having done almost 100 commercials, televisions guest roles, and indie features with top stars like Mike Myers, Jennifer Aniston, Will Ferrell and more. But his creativity was focused solely on acting and directing, which left him feeling satisfied, yet at the same time, incomplete. 

His talent as a painter and visual artist, which he inherited from his gifted artist Mom, was unable to emerge until he moved to Palm Springs and allowed himself the freedom to explore it full time. In an ironic reversal, his acting and directing gigs provide the “day job” that financially allows him to explore his talent as a painter.

His paintings begin with creating a loose framework— freely applying dripping paint which he uses as a rough guide. Primarily using a palette knife to apply the pigment to the canvas with an intentionally directive stroke allows Joe to create space and dimension without detailed rendering. This deliberate application liberates him to use saturated and hyper-real color that is not typically seen in landscape paintings.

His color choices may seem exaggerated but are reflected in our daily landscape as sunlight and shadows move across the valley throughout the day.  He is recording the environment and amplifying it to a Hi-Def visual experience.

Joe’s influences include Lee Mullican, Marsden Hartley, Mark Bradford, Friedensreich Hundertwasser and David Hockney.

His acting and directing work can be seen at